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Asian cuisine, specifically Japanese food, is renowned for the traditional food preparation processes often described as ‘complex’, yet aesthetically very pleasing to the five senses. Although the extraordinary tastes of delicate, soft egg noodles in the authentic, milky soup might be the only reason why diners are tied to Japanese cuisine, there are even more reasons that back up the rising fame of Japanese food.

It is believed that the top most-loved Japanese delicacies revolve around dishes that involve the unique blends of both raw and cooked ingredients just like sushi and sashimi. Also considered among Japan’s top culinary gems, fine selections of sashimi pieces and sushi assortments are well known for the unique combinations of newness when it comes to the introduction of exciting flavors unknown to the West. The new blends of flavors and surprisingly eye-pleasing aesthetics gave rise to countless numbers of specialty restaurants in places outside of Japan.

When it comes to the preparation of intricate dishes, it involves not only the wise selection of fine-quality ingredients, but also the techniques which requires a great deal of understanding in regards to the Japanese culture itself. With this, the rising fame of Japanese cuisine also brings along the increasing demands of Japanese cutleries. Unique, fine-made Japanese cutleries and kitchen tools have earned hundreds, thousands, and even more followers who would give all their trust to.

As the skills of using a knife will also require high-quality knife materials, hard steels, light centered blade balance, edge retention, extreme blade sharpness, and longevity, users are always in the search for just the best knife series and models to aid in all food preparation processes. Specifically, when it comes to slicing, cutting, boning, filleting, chopping, and mincing, different Japanese knives are to be used in order to perfectly get the job done.

Japanese knife brands differ from one another; therefore, we will take a quick look at one of Japan’s leading knife brands – Yukifuji.

Yukifuji Knives

Yukifuji is among Japan’s top-tier, high-end brands that forges and comes up with various knife series and models intended for professional-use. Its long, cultivated history and experiences in knife-forging have extended its roots to the present and strives to further implement its ideals through beautifully-made, efficient blades more to come. The main feature that makes Yukifuji among the top, most-loved Japanese knife brands, is in the sharp, extremely durable knife edges made through professional knife-forging techniques and careful procedures.

Yukifuji blades are mostly polished by the Japanese timeless-traditional technology. With this, the brand and its existence solely caters to and answers to the needs and desires of “Itamaes”, or generally known as ‘culinary professionals’ in Japan.

Yukifuji Chu-kasumi Gyokuhaku-ko (White Steel) Japanese Chef’s Peeling Knife 180mm

As one of the most anticipated knife brands out there in the market with a high amount of customer base, Yukifuji’s Chu-Kasumi Gyokuhaku-ko (White Steel) knife is made to put soft kitchen knife iron on traditional TAMA-HAGANE steel. This knife is made to inherit the treasured secret – of which includes the use of fine-quality materials, the careful selections of iron: the Masago iron sand from the historical San-in district based in Japan.

The extreme blade sharpness, light centered balancing feels, comfortable grip, and unparalleled durability are all that makes Yukifuji Chu-kasumi Gyokuhaku-ko (White Steel) Japanese Chef’s Peeling knife 180mm among the top knife models.

With its long history and experiences in forging professional culinary equipment and knives, the use of high carbon as its main blade material has provided knife users with extremely hard and sharp edges, which will require special care to avoid unwanted rusting and chipping of blades, but will also allow users to utilize all its features like a pro.

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